kaz-windnessNote! If you’re looking for my book illustrations, please visit this link: www.WINDNESSBOOKS.com


My name is Kaz Windness and I am a psychic intuitive and clairvoyant healer. I have been able to see Spirits and energy since I was a child and have been a professional psychic for over five years.

My training includes:
– Reiki attunements and instruction with Karen Fox Larsen, Reiki Master
– Psychic Mentorship with Crystal Anne Compton, Teacher, Writer, Channel and Intuitive Medium
– Mediumship and psychic training with Charles Cox, Spiritualist Minister, Denver Psychic Development Group

I also have a BFA in art and illustration and teach illustration at The Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. I’m a published author and illustrator.

Your psychic reading will fluidly incorporate energy work and loving messages from your guides. I also sometimes receive messages from loved ones in spirit (mediumship), and will pass along those messages with your permission.

My reading specialties include life path, past life, contracts, cords and attachments, aura and energy field, ET origins and messages, fairy kingdom, identifying psychic gifts, guides, and heart-based mind/body/spirit healing, and tarot.

I’m excited for our session!



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