Top 10 Symptoms of Ascension

“I feel buzzy,” you say. “My ears are ringing,” you say. “What is happening to me?” you ask. “And what the heck is vegan leather?”

You have questions, I have answers. But not about vegan leather. I don’t have the first clue what that is, but as a general rule, I don’t recommend eating it.

So, maybe you’ve heard about ascension. Quick explanation. This planet is going from the third dimension to the fourth, and then rapidly on to some other cool stuff, but first things first. The vibration of the planet is rising. And all the inhabitants of Earth who weren’t born into this higher vibration are getting tuned up to the new level so their heads don’t explode or whatever. (Solid science, folks!)


Everyone is experiencing the symptoms of ascension, but some are feeling it more noticeably than others. Some of us elected to shift earlier so we could help others through the process.

Here are some of the main ones we’re experiencing:


1. Twinkles, Flashes or Bursts of Light: I had my eyes examined when this first started happening a few years ago, and I do recommend a visit to the optometrist, you know, just in case. When my eyes checked out, I knew what I had thought was happening was happening — my third eye was opening. It started as flashes of light out of the corner of my eye. Later it was zips and zooms and then full on pillars of sparkly light directly in front of me. This was how I began to see energy, fairies, spirits and guides. There were also a few instances of VERY bright flashes of light just as I was nodding off to sleep. These were the big third eye awakenings, and I always felt a powerful presence accompanying these attunements. They got my heart beating, no doubt!


2. Body vibrating. You feel like you have just downed a whole pot of coffee. It’s like you are a living electric wire. And guess what? You are. These are new, higher energies coursing through your body. Most of us go through a period where this is very intense. You wake up with an aching jaw because you’ve been clenching like you were sitting on the electric chair all night. These intense periods can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Some things that can help are chamomile tea or other nerve soothing herbs. Douse yourself in lavender essential oil. Get an amethyst worry stone. Avoid caffeine. Practice grounding exercises. And wear a mouth guard to bed. Really.


3. Mood swings. One minute, you have never felt so much love joy. You have unconditional love for everyone and everything in the Universe. A moment later you want to tell everyone to go F themselves. You start sobbing at the drop of a hat. You go through uncharacteristic lows. You aren’t just sad, you’re depressed. Please know this is totally normal. You are experiencing the bliss of the new dimension and also shaking off all the energy that can’t go with you. It has to come up. It has to come out. And it ain’t always pretty. But it does get better. Promise. Hang in, have some compassion for yourself, reach out to your friends, and remember to ask them angels of yours to help, too. They are on speed dial right now because of the Big Shift. They are swift to respond, and they don’t judge. Ever.


4. Homesickness or feelings of not belonging. You feel detached from this planet. You feel disgusted by the hate and the pollution and the dumbfudgery of it all. You want to leave Earth. Beam me up, Scotty! Here’s a little secret: you aren’t from here. I’m not just talking about you Starseeds (you know who you are), I’m talking to everyone. When you begin identifying more strongly with your spirit — your Soul — you’re naturally going to long for that place where your soul originated from. Some call this the Spirit World. Some call it Heaven. Some call it Val Kilmer. (I don’t know why!) Whatever you call it, know that it’s much closer than you think, and you can access this place through prayer and meditation. The more you meditate, the more you’ll feel content with being here and doing what you came to Earth to do. (Which may or may not be Val Kilmer.)


5. Hunger and Loss of Appetite. I’ve gone through both. At the moment, my Spirit Animal is pizza. I can’t stop eating. I’m in a period of assimilating some new higher energies, and my body is asking for big calories to keep up with it. There have been other times when all I needed to feel satisfied was a green smoothie. I felt like it wouldn’t be long before I could live exclusively on fresh air. The new human is moving towards a high vibration liquid diet, but we aren’t there yet. My best advice is to go with the flow here. Be conscious about giving your body quality nutrition — organic whenever possible — but otherwise, listen to your body and give it what it wants. You will likely gain and loose weight along with these shifts, and that’s okay, too. Your value is not found in your pant size. You are beautiful, precious and loved just as you are.


6. Tingling or buzzing hands. The buzzing started for me when I began channeling a high guide and teacher named Aldaron. The buzzing then became constant and would often wake me up at night. It was persistent and annoying and I felt like my hands were asking me to do something, but I didn’t know what. And then, by chance (ha ha, yeah right) I met a Reiki master. She explained how healing is channeled through the hands. From her I received attunements and learned how to direct the energy that was pouring out through the palms of my hands to facilitate healing. If you are experiencing hand (or feet) buzzing, you are getting the call to be a healer. There are many modalities, but Reiki is a good place to start.


7. Ear ringing. You hear high pitched buzzing in your ear. Tones. Your ears pop, your hearing drops out or goes hollow. You hear high pitched frequencies. There are multiple things going on with this, but in a nutshell, the new dimension we are headed into sounds different than this one. Higher vibration=higher tone. You are used to the old vibration. You don’t even notice it. This new one, well, it’s something different and you are hearing it. You are also becoming a lot more psychic, and with that, your psychic hearing (clairaudience) is improving. So when an angel or spirit or E.T. wants to talk with you, you will hear it as buzzing or ringing. When I hear this, I take it as a clue to stop, get quiet, and ask to receive the messages telepathically. I also feel it out to see if this is a high vibration being or a low one, and as a general rule, I don’t work with mundane, low or stuck energies. I send them love, help them to cross if needed, and establish or reiterate firm boundaries. You are under no obligation to pick up the phone just because it’s ringing. But if an angel calls, I’m answering!


8. Head and spine pressure. Unusual spinal popping or pinched nerves? Feel like something is pushing down on the crown of your head, the center of your forehead, or your chest? More headaches than usual? Your chakras (the energy portals where your spirit connects to your body) are going through shifts, changes and upgrades, and you will feel this happening in the body, especially along the spine and in the skull. Notice where you are feeling the discomfort and you will have a good idea about which chakra is getting a tune up. You can help this process along by consciously taking steps to heal and open these energy channels. For example, if you are feeling pressure at your solar plexus, this is the third chakra and it has to do with personal power, self esteem and assertiveness. Ask yourself what is needed to step more fully into your personal power. Meditate on the related chakra color, in this case is yellow. Create affirmations that assist in the health of the chakra. “I am courageous. I am whole. I stand in my power.” There are lots of resources online, and anything you do consciously will help facilitate what is going on energetically, and the pressure and discomfort will release as the chakras are healed, opened and energized.


9. Spacey/Dizzy/Clumsy. These aren’t just Snow White’s new Dwarves. This is you getting the hang of the new dimension. Just as a landlubber needs to develop sea legs, you’ll need to develop your new dimension legs. The world will feel topsy turvy at times. I went through a period of three days where everything felt like it was on a slant, and I got so many bruises from bonking into things, I looked like an albino cheetah girl with purple spots. This dizzy period can actually be dangerous, so if you are feeling it, do them grounding exercises, drink lots of water, and skip driving or tight rope walking until you feel balanced again.


10. Crazy dream time/visions. Most of the spiritual work you are doing isn’t happening during waking hours. It’s happening when you are asleep. Your spirit travels out of the body often. You talk with your spirit guides. You see your friends on the other side. Some of you powwow with your buddies up on the Mother Ship. You forget most of this upon waking, but some of it will remain with you in the form of peculiar dream memories. Some of the details will be screened, so instead of remembering the Mother Ship, you’ll recall dreaming about a huge, posh hotel.  Many people dream about attending a university campus with Greek columns. Guess what? This is what most of our spirit schools look like. Read between the lines and I think you’ll discover you’ve been going to some pretty interesting places as you sleep. You may also begin seeing and experiencing much more when you are awake, especially during meditation. I’m told by my guides that we too often dismiss these visions as made up imaginations. Here’s a tip. Thank your left brain for its service in keeping you functional as you participate with the earth reality, but send it on a coffee break as you experience these visions. You aren’t making it up, and there’s a lot of valuable insights to be gained if you accept this.

In conclusion. There are MANY more symptoms than what I’ve listed here, but this should give you a good feeling for what’s up, and also assure you that YOU AREN’T CRAZY.

By the way, nothing I’ve written here should be misconstrued as medical advice or the replacement thereof. If you’re having persistent physical or mental issues, consult a doctor! I’m all for a balanced, holistic and educated approach. However, when my psychic abilities began displaying themselves, I consulted a psychiatrist. This woman listened to me for exactly five minutes, told me I was having a psychotic episode and prescribed an Rx for some heavy duty psych drugs. THANK GOD I had the sense not to take those pills! I thought to myself, I’m a (fairly) normal person. I’m going to work every day, paying my bills, getting along pretty well in society. Just because I see spirits and vortexes and other-dimensional creatures and stuff, does that mean I’m nuts? What if that stuff is REAL and for some reason I can see it even though others can’t? I started putting my feelers out for more information. I asked to find more people like me. And turns out there are a lot of us, most of whom aren’t talking about this stuff because of people like my psychiatrist who want to drug us or lock us up. If you are one of these people — one of us — know that you aren’t alone. Be smart. Use your intuition. Get second (third or fourth) opinions. Some people do need the drugs, and there isn’t a darn thing wrong with that. But if what’s happening to you is simply an expansion of your psychic gifts, you owe it to yourself to find out about it from people who know what that’s all about.

Happy ascending, people!



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