Animal Guide Readings

Just like human spirits and guides, animal totems are real and ready to help us. Every person has 9 power totems. Do you want to know who they are? Do you want to learn how to activate and utilize their energy? Then this reading is for you!


For this reading, you will receive:

1. Your nine power totems: East, South, West, North, Above, Below, Within, Right Guardian and Left Guardian.

2. How these totems are working with you and what energies they are bringing into your life.

3. Their messages and guidance for you at this time.

4. A written report along with pictures of your animal totems.

Please note: This is a once in a lifetime reading. You’ll never need another animal totem reading after this one. I received mine from a psychic 10 years ago, and I continue to receive deeper insights from each of my totems.

Process: I meditate, access your energy, and use Medicine Cards and Clairvoyance to divine your 9 totems. The keywords and messages that come through are received directly from your animal totems and are specific to you.

Some spirit creatures are not of our human/earth dimension. Please be open to the idea that animals generally considered as mythical are also real and working with humans, offering their unique energies, powers and abilities. I do not filter the information I receive for you, so if a dragon shows up during the reading, I will tell you about your dragon.

Cost: $75 US

To order this reading:

1. Send $75 to via Paypal: HERE.

2. E-mail, Subject: Spirit Animal Reading.

3. Provide your name and your preferred email address. A photo is also helpful, but not necessary.

I will write you back to let you know when to expect your reading (typically within 1 week from the time of your order).

This is a powerful reading, and I’m looking forward to connecting you with your spirit animals!




“My Spirit Animal Reading is like a personalized roadmap to healing and growth. Kaz was able to channel my power animals’ messages specifically for me…what a profound experience! I admit that I cried tears of gratitude as I read through them. They were so spot on with my personal characteristics, strengths and challenges and even answered questions I didn’t ask about where I am in my spiritual journey right now. Unlike other readings I’ve had in the past, I will continue to be able to meditate, research and work with this information for months (years?) of continued help and development. Thank you, Kaz, for this gift!” — Donna M. 

“When a very persistent new animal friend started appearing in my life recently, I knew he had some kind of message for me as I was seeing him everywhere I went, from city to suburbs to countryside. Kaz was able to connect and validate my initial feelings on the meaning of this special visitor while adding deeper layers of context and additional messages that really resonated with me. She also connected with several additional animal spirit guides, and everything she described matched my personality and current circumstances, down to a hilarious spirit message to get my car fixed – it had literally just broken down the week before and Kaz had no way of knowing that. Loved my reading, and look forward to working with Kaz again.” — Cathy

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